Episode 96

Beyond The Bulletin: Episode 15 - Atonement Theology 101


September 17th, 2021

53 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

If you're well-versed on penal substitutionary atonement, then you can probably sit this episode out. If not, then boy do we have the episode for you!

Our Director of Evangelization & Youth Ministry, Michael Gormley, rejoins Beyond the Bulletin to share about a particular theological topic he's been focused on: Atonement Theology. This topic covers some deep, persistent questions within our Catholic faith: Why did Jesus have die? Did his death pay some sort of ransom? For what did His death on the cross atone for?

Buckle up for this episode, as Nate and Gomer dive into these questions and more, to help us all grow in our faith, and love of Jesus Christ. Tune in!

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