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Beyond The Bulletin: Episode 49 - The Feast of Corpus Christi


June 2nd, 2023

16 mins 47 secs

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We have a lot of feast days in the Catholic Church - we celebrate people going up to heaven, coming down from heaven, when they died, when they were born, etc. But the feast of Corpus Christi is one in particular that stands out: our belief that the Eucharist is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus -- not merely a symbol -- is the source and summit of our faith. Unfortunately, it's also a drastically declined belief among too many Catholics. Which is why this year's feast of Corpus Christi is all the more important.

Jay Martin unpacks this feast day, looking at its origins, previewing the uniqueness of our upcoming Eucharistic Procession, explaining more about the Eucharistic Revival, revealing one of the four upcoming saints coming to our chapel, and more. Tune in!

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