Episode 67

Saint Anthony Relic Reveal #19 - St. Clare of Assisi

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At the age of 18, young Chiara Offreduccio heard the powerful words of St. Francis of Assisi while he was preaching at a Lenten service in town. She was so moved by the idea of pursuing a life after the Gospel, that she did what any sensible person would do: run away from her wealthy, noble family to join a religious order, cut off her hair, and when her family tried to make her return home, cling desperately to an altar until they give up. After a life filled with a passion for poverty, leading others closer to Christ, and defending her monastery from invading armies, Chiara would become Saint Clare of Assisi, an incredibly inspiring and resilient Italian saint.

As we approach Lent, let us look at the life of Clare, and examine how we might imitate her, as she imitated Christ. Take a break from your busy day and spend 15 minutes learning about this great saint, coming to the Our Lady of the Angels Chapel reliquary at St. Anthony of Padua.

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