Episode 64

Saint Anthony Relic Reveal #16 - St. Padre Pio


January 15th, 2021

14 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

It can be easy to look at the life of Saint Padre Pio and think "I couldn't possibly imitate this guy, look at all the things he could do!" Sure, you may not have the stigmata, be able to bilocate, have been friends with a future pope or consecrated yourself to Jesus at the age of 5, but answer this- Can you pray? Can you receive the Eucharist? Can you love Jesus Christ? If the answer to those three questions is yes, then you are on your way to following in the footsteps of this luminous Italian friar.

If you haven't listened to any of our Relic Reveal podcasts yet, this is the one to jump on board with! Join Michael Gormley as he explores the life of Saint Padre Pio as we continue our pilgrimage to the Our Lady of the Angels Chapel.

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